Formal Hair Styles at Joey's Salon

At Joey’s Salon our hair professionals provide the most sophisticated and professional styles you can think of. Whether you are opting for a Fishtail Braid, French Braid or Up-do Braids, with our professionals you’ll definitely achieve that gorgeous, feminine, special look you desired for but always too difficult to do it yourself.

Whether you just want a new look with Cornrows, or a romantic, feminine French Braid for your special date, or an adorable Up Do Braid that would make you feel confident and fabulous at work – at Joey’s Salon we are ready for you!

Our stylists are highly qualified with years of experience and will surprise you with amazing, quality services and results that will definitely make you come back and try out all the styles there are that match your personality.

Joey’s Salon welcomes men, women, and children to get the best, trendiest and most stylish hair a professional hair salon can offer.

Our salon is most welcoming, therefore we guarantee a pleasant stay at the salon!